Wordmark Treatments

Schools, centers, institutes and programs may choose to co-brand with the Duke wordmark. To maintain brand consistency, the acceptable vertical and horizontal combinations are as follows:


All School Signatures


Email Signatures

Email signatures – while they may seem personal – reflect upon your organization and should represent its brand. Remember to maintain professionalism when utilizing any graphics, extra verbiage, etc. Be cognizant of how your signature renders on other types of computers and devices besides your own.

Be sure to include:

  • name
  • company and position
  • how to get in touch

Try to avoid:

  • personal detail such as home phone, address, etc.
  • random quotes
  • your skill set/CV
  • large, unnecessary images

Good Examples:

Jane Doe
Special Assistant to the Dean
Duke University, Durham NC
o: 919-555-1212 | m: 919-555-1313
t: @janed
in: janed