The Duke University wordmark melds the words “Duke” and “University” with a specific font treatment, creating a recognizable wordmark. This wordmark or logo is used on stationery, business cards and letterhead. You may also use the wordmark in other print materials such as brochures, newsletters, bulletins and ads. Do not use the wordmark in conjunction with a graphic.

The University shield is not available for download, and its use is restricted to official Duke University business (such as diplomas) and the Office of the President. Please discontinue using the shield for anything but these purposes, as it is not sanctioned by the University.


  1.  Illustrator format for wordmarks
    1. horizontal wordmark
    2. vertical wordmark
  2. 300dpi jpg format of wordmark
  3. 72dpi jpg format of wordmark

Print Procurement

In similar fashion to digital communications projects, print procurement printing projects, such as brochures, posters, newsletter, magazines, direct mail packages, etc. costing more than $5,000 and all repeating publications costing more than $5,000 annually, should be specified, bid and coordinated by the Duke Print Management team. For projects with a cost under this threshold, departments may request the assistance of print consultants, at their discretion.

You must bid design and printed materials separately. To learn more about the print management process please visit the Print Procurement site.

Business Cards, Stationery and Letterhead

Business Cards, stationery and letterhead are handled though our online service through Universal Printing. Templates for business card use have been established and are available for purchase.


Trademark & Licensing

For information concerning trademark licensing policies and procedures, visit the Duke Office of Trademark Licensing (DOTL). Please contact the DOTL regarding the printing and placement of the official Duke wordmark or any logo onto products such as t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, pens, etc. Not only does DOTL govern the use of trademarks, this office also monitors the use of fair labor practice and law.