Photography Vendors

Photographers are listed alphabetically in each category

 Editorial & Event photographers:

Derek Anderson

(618) 203-2909

Duke references: Sally Hicks


Bruce DeBoer

(919) 523-6385

Duke references: Shawn Rocco


Lissa Gotwals

(919) 740-0536

Duke references: Sally Hicks


Alec Himwich
(919) 943-8249
Duke references: Jennifer Prather, Katy Clune.


Ken Huth
(919) 619-8626
Duke references: Tori Hall, Michael Evans


Colin Huth
(919) 869-4422

Duke references: Tori Hall, Michael Evans


Alex Maness

(919) 707-6121

Duke references: Sally Hicks, Deirdre Shipman


Beth Mann
(919) 578-1378

Duke references: Sarah Dwyer (used for headshot and hired for an upcoming event)

Annemie Tonken

Duke references: Carolyn Gerber


Brian Mullins Photography
(919) 414-0869

Duke references: James Todd, Meghan Rushing; hired for Nov 2018 event by Celeste Ferguson


Les Todd (retired from Duke Photography July 2016)
(919) 725-3637

Duke references: Deborah Hill, Tori Hall, Bryan Roth, Jenna Brown, Aaron Wellborn, Shawn Rocco, Sally Hicks,  Alison Jones, Steve Hartsoe, Jeannine Sato, Mandy Dixon, Susan Kauffman, Paul Grantham


Event photographers:


Kevin Seifert Photography
Duke references: Celeste Hodges (headshots and numerous events), Eric Ferreri, Mandy Dixon, Shawn Rocco


Jim Wallace
(919) 309-0360

Duke references: Deborah Hill, Sally Hicks, Susan Kauffman, Paul Grantham


Editorial photographers:

 Ben McKeown
(919) 656-3003

Duke references: Shawn Rocco


York Wilson Photography

(919) 368-5079

Duke references: Sally Hicks


Madeline Gray
(740) 591-2680

Duke references: Scott Huler


Justin Cook
(919) 612-6478

Duke references: Shawn Rocco, Alison Jones


Alex Boerner

(772) 233-5639

Duke references: Duke Performances, Shawn Rocco


Brian Strickland
(919) 273-1020

Duke references: Ellen deGraffenreid


Perfect Visuals

(336) 736-7270
Duke references: Shawn Rocco


Raul Rubiera

(910) 916-3853

Duke references: April Dudash, Shawn Rowe, Greg Phillips (Fuqua)


DC Based photographer

Sam Kittner

Duke references: Kathy Neal


New to the list (no Duke references yet)

 Kent Corley
(919) 616-7679


Scott Faber Photography


Alex Kolyer
(786) 556-7119


Leon Godwin


Susan Murray
(919) 219-3347


Kate Pope


Duke Communicators are invited to submit the names of photographers to be considered for this list. We also welcome feedback about your experiences working with freelance photographers. Suggestions will be reviewed quarterly along with feedback and the list will be updated accordingly. Please email input and suggestions to Thank you for sharing your input and helping to make our network even stronger.