Photography Vendors

Photographers are listed alphabetically in each category

 Editorial & Event photographers:

Derek Anderson

(618) 203-2909

Duke references: Sally Hicks


Bruce DeBoer

(919) 523-6385

Duke references: Shawn Rocco


Lissa Gotwals

(919) 740-0536

Duke references: Sally Hicks


Alec Himwich
(919) 943-8249
Duke references: Jennifer Prather, Katy Clune.


Ken Huth
(919) 619-8626
Duke references: Tori Hall, Michael Evans


Colin Huth
(919) 869-4422

Duke references: Tori Hall, Michael Evans


Alex Maness

(919) 707-6121

Duke references: Sally Hicks, Deirdre Shipman


Beth Mann
(919) 578-1378

Duke references: Sarah Dwyer (used for headshot and hired for an upcoming event)

Annemie Tonken

Duke references: Carolyn Gerber


Brian Mullins Photography
(919) 414-0869

Duke references: James Todd, Meghan Rushing; hired for Nov 2018 event by Celeste Ferguson


Les Todd (retired from Duke Photography July 2016)
(919) 725-3637

Duke references: Deborah Hill, Tori Hall, Bryan Roth, Jenna Brown, Aaron Wellborn, Shawn Rocco, Sally Hicks,  Alison Jones, Steve Hartsoe, Jeannine Sato, Mandy Dixon, Susan Kauffman, Paul Grantham


Event photographers:


Kevin Seifert Photography
Duke references: Celeste Hodges (headshots and numerous events), Eric Ferreri, Mandy Dixon, Shawn Rocco


Jim Wallace
(919) 309-0360

Duke references: Deborah Hill, Sally Hicks, Susan Kauffman, Paul Grantham


Editorial photographers:

 Ben McKeown
(919) 656-3003

Duke references: Shawn Rocco


York Wilson Photography

(919) 368-5079

Duke references: Sally Hicks


Madeline Gray
(740) 591-2680

Duke references: Scott Huler


Justin Cook
(919) 612-6478

Duke references: Shawn Rocco, Alison Jones


Alex Boerner

(772) 233-5639

Duke references: Duke Performances, Shawn Rocco


Brian Strickland
(919) 273-1020

Duke references: Ellen deGraffenreid


Perfect Visuals

(336) 736-7270
Duke references: Shawn Rocco


Raul Rubiera

(910) 916-3853

Duke references: April Dudash, Shawn Rowe, Greg Phillips (Fuqua)


DC Based photographer

Sam Kittner

Duke references: Kathy Neal


New to the list (no Duke references yet)

 Kent Corley
(919) 616-7679


Scott Faber Photography


Alex Kolyer
(786) 556-7119


Leon Godwin


Susan Murray
(919) 219-3347


Kate Pope