While we don’t seek homogeneity and uniformity, the university’s long and widely recognized brand benefits each individual entity within Duke. Individual schools, programs, departments and initiatives are best served by utilizing some combination of the core elements of name, color, typography and visual mark to best take advantage of Duke’s brand power and visibility. As a guide, we have developed a series of “co-branded” examples that communicate individuality while maximizing the value of Duke’s name and reputation.

Co-Branding: Schools & Departments

A growing number of schools, departments, and programs have already taken on this co-branding approach and are finding it highly effective with both internal and external audiences. Here are a few examples:


Co-Branding: Centers, Institutes, Programs & Events

approval-neededThe centers, institutes, programs and events at Duke —unlike the colleges, schools, departments and major initiatives —have more flexibility in their identities and are allowed to have their own logos.

Adding the Duke wordmark to these communications adds the benefit of the Duke brand without disrupting their ability to create their own look and feel. The two should work in concert to create the most impact.

All new logos must be approved by the Office of News and Communications, and must be used in concert with Duke wordmark.

Co-Branding: Placement & Consistency


Duke Wordmark:

  • As per the example, shown in the wordmark section, the D mark must always appear on the same plane as the center, program, or event mark
  • Do not lock-up the center, program, or event mark with the word mark
  • For the word mark, follow the size, color, and placement standards set forth on the Logos and Fonts page
  • The wordmark should never be larger than the center, program, or event mark

Placement and size of these marks should follow best practices solutions and professionally represent your center, program or event. All marks or logos need to be approved by the Office of News and Communications.

Do Not:

  • Add “Duke University” to the center or institute mark
  • Use any elements from other University marks in the mark of a center or institute
  • Use the center or institute name as a modifier for the academic mark
  • Lock-up a mark for a center or institute with any of the other University marks

Co-Branding: Duke Medicine, Duke Hospital, Duke Health System, etc.

Following are accepted and approved conventions for co-branding with all Duke Medicine/Duke Health entities. Do not dilute these conventions through substitution, artistic mingling or revision, or alter in any way.



Co-Branding with Other Institutions & Partners

approval-neededIn addition to co-branding between Duke and the schools, Duke will also work with academic and consumer partners.

When visually representing more than one institution or partner, the Duke wordmark should be treated equally to other institution and partner logos where applicable, meaning it should appear the same size. Our preference is that the Duke wordmark be on the left. Please be mindful of these guidelines and apply them consistently.